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Our goal is to create a place that engages each child

LearningPlayTM is a comprehensive education program developed by Chaia May to transfer, in a playful way, the joys of learning — particularly music — to children of all ages, starting at 3 months. Her program is tailored for young learners with unique and special needs. She also provides a variety of offerings for adults and families.

Programs Available in English & Spanish

Online Classes

(Voice, Guitar, Piano and Early Childhood Music) — S.T.E.M. Education and and special needs education. As a musician teaching others to be musicians, Chaia energizes the student’s interest and skills. Chaia uses her performing skills and engaging silly personality to draw children in.

Music Lessons

(Piano, Guitar, Ukelele, Early Childhood Music and vocal coaching. As an early childhood educator and musician, Chaia uses her research-based curriculum and her extensive performing experience to excite a life-long love of music. She teaches from her studio in Redwood City, as well as making visits to homes from Los Altos to Woodside.

Teacher Training & Parent Education

Help with at-home learning

A national speak and author of 20 books on educational curriculum, Chaia loves to share her unique approach to support teachers and parents. Coaching on sensory integration and techniques to improve focus are her specialty.

School Programs

Chaia travels weekly to pre-schools all over the Peninsula to adorn children’s school curriculum with music and play, as well as integrates social emotional skills.Children look forward to what they call “Chaia Day,” a special enrichment to their school curriculum.


Chaia offers summer camps filled with magical adventures in nature while integrating a rich mix of music, art, science, themed play, social skill development, manners and independent skills. Coming August 2021, there will be a week long camp in the New York Catskills. Growing Strong Bodies: Nutrition – focused Vegetarian cooking – starting in the garden! (S.T.E.M. -based) For ages 5 – 10. Information available upon request


Chaia has more than 30 years experience as an entertainer. In addition to her clear-toned, uplifting, and highly spirited vocal talents, Chaia loves to teach moral values and personally reflective themes through the beauty of music.

Chaia’s Philosophy