Inspiration and Dedication

chaia floor girlChaia has more than 30 years experience as a Jewish entertainer. In addition to her clear-toned, uplifting, and highly spirited vocal talents, Chaia loves to teach moral values and personally reflective themes through the beauty of music.

Chaia has performed as a jazz singer on both television and radio, displaying talents that speak to all people despite their backgrounds. She has performed at hundreds of life-cycle celebrations with her guitar, a band, or a cappella. Chaia currently serves as a lay cantor, family service facilitator, and Jewish music teacher at various synagogues throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to leading educational workshops, Chaia is frequently a keynote s and featured performer at national conferences.

As a song leader, Chaia encourages people of all age groups and levels of musical awareness to become actively engaged in the educational spirit of each song. As a storyteller, Chaia uses drama, rhythm, and musical props to teach her audience how to apply the stories’ and songs’ moral values to their individual lives.

As a Jewish lay cantor or primary facilitator at intergenerational family services, Chaia helps all age groups discover personal inspirations in liturgical text. Through a variety of techniques, Chaia explores a combination of both silly and genuine interpretations to help her audience reflect on the thoughts and ideas behind the words.


Your Benefit

Simply put—When Chaia’s music pours from her, it is a treat that can awaken soul, heart, and mind.