Amalia and the Monster Princess

Written by Chaia May
Illustrated by Vicky Yuh

Princess Amalia has been perfectly well behaved her whole life and wants to be naughty for just one day. She meets Cornelia, a friendly “Monster Princess,” and after visiting her home begins to appreciate the differences between them as their friendship blossoms.

All the while, both Amalia and Cornelia grow to enjoy the fancy manners in Amalia’s home that bring order and help each other be comfortable in their different cultures.Silly antics keep the story light and beautiful illustrations bring the girls and their fun to life.

The hard and softcover versions will be available in time for the 2014 holiday season. Book readings will begin in late June.

“I wrote the book to teach manners in a fun way,” explains author Chaia May. “I saw that as the story was shared and evolved, it grew deeper and richer with more about family systems and how they are neither wrong nor right, just different.”

In this world of fluid rules, families can discuss and claim what works best for them and be inspired to implement them in their homes. Non-readers will enjoy being read to, while older children will enjoy the book on their own. All readers will be enchanted by the colorful and whimsical illustrations of local artist Vicky Yuh.

“The (Amalia and the Monster Princess Theatre Production) party was AMAZING! Thank you so very very much to you and Don. The play was beautiful, the kids love you, so very special. We wish you the very best as you continue with this project.”

— Carolyn Paul and Elinor