STEM Education ages 3 +

S.T.E.M and S.T.E.A.M. programs designed to fit your needs!

Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead!

STEAM Program for Children 3-7

Special programs designed for pre-readers and kids with special needs!

Chaia offers fun-filled, hands-on programs for children 3 and up using inexpensive materials easily found in your home or school. Her clients include pre-schools, day cares and small school-aged pods. She has an extensive curriculum and has been holding live and online classes for the last four years. Her specialty is getting children to learn without realizing it, by making them laugh, move and sing to reinforce the concepts. Using her “Toolbox” approach, she also links the activities together with foundational concepts based on shapes that all children can recognize. This way, children can make associations across disciplines and extrapolate in order to solve more theoretical problems and thereby develop effective critical thinking skills.

Examples of the Toolbox Sections:

  • Circles: Cells, water drops, molecules, orbits, slime/polymers, electricity: loops of electrons
  • Triangles: Bee hives, arches, flying buttresses, digital art and media, treehouse supports
  •  Lines: Showing convergence in the distance, bridges, building circuits
  •  Spirals: Shells, staircases, flower patterns, springs

Chaia has published a series of books in a series called “Imagine It” teaching shapes and “Is it a Triangle if?…” Triangle theorems for children 7 and under. Colorful and interactive, the books are fun to read over and again, as they gain confidence when learning the answers and discover more hidden clues embedded in the pages. See some of Chaia’s books here on Amazon. Contact Chaia for copies of the Triangle book. References Available!