Everything about Chaia May shows her love of learning—for herself and others. Chaia is a S.T.E.A.M. and music educator. Chaia also holds a B.A. in Political Science with a minor in Cross-Cultural Anthropology from Wellesley College, and an M.A. in Applied Communication Theory with an emphasis on Children’s Media from Stanford University. She is committed to ongoing professional development and consistently attends and presents at conferences on Early Childhood Education and Family Dynamics. In addition to teaching children, Chaia also offers her talents and expertise in teacher training and professional development seminars.

As a music educator, Chaia is trained in the most effective systems of learning, including Orff-Shulwerk (a way to teach music that joyfully combines music, movement, and drama; Kodaly (a systematized approach to music based on the importance of the sequence of skills and content; and Suzuki (a gateway to music education based on small steps based on a child’s readiness).

As a performer, Chaia is an accomplished vocalist and musician with more than 20 years of personal study with master teachers. She has performed in a wide range of entertainment and educational settings.

More about Chaia

  • Chaia helps children deal with difficult emotions through her original songs and stories
  • Is thoroughly committed to her students
  • Teaches guitar, piano, voice, ukulele and music in Spanish
  • Expert in Jewish tradition. Chaia has published 12 books and song collections for early childhood Jewish education and young families.
  • Is an early childhood music educator (Music Together programs and Boogie to the Beat) in several pre-schools
  • Skilled in sensory and affective learning, she integrated these into all her curriculums.
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