Iron into Steel

Building Healthy Communities through Honing Resiliency in our Youth

We created “Iron into Steel: Forging Successful Lives” so that we could reach our children who are all at risk to a degree of landing in adulthood without the ability to thrive at their highest potential. We offer weekly meetings to foster community, present physical and mental challenges and offer communication skills facilitated by strong, caring mentors. Our goal is to foster creativity, collaboration, passion and communication as means to achieve success now required of the new generation.

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Our Philosophy and Mission

The trying and sometimes tragic events around us today call on our adult responsibility towards our youth in these particular times of violence towards oneself and others:

If we ultimately want our own children and selves to flourish in a safe, loving environment where everyone can express his or her unique talents and function ideally in a group dynamic be it at home, school, work or recreationally in our urban settings, we need to own that we all are ultimately responsible for each individual regardless of relation or association.

If we own that all the children of the communities around us deserve to grow up feeling safe and healthily bonded to an adult so that they can grow, embrace the journey to adulthood and be educated in an “anxiety-managed” environment so ultimately we all can live together where every individual is respected, then we need to supplement with strong, emotionally healthy adults who are loving but firm in order to help them transition through early adolescence all the way into adulthood.

We support families by giving them more tools in compassionately but firmly setting boundaries.

Since stress is inherent in our maturation, it is most indicative of a healthy response as to what attitude accompanies us when confronting it. It is not ideal to remove stress but offer tools both psychological and physical in order to manage it and allow greater and greater challenges in order to fulfill one’s potential.

Add in the spiritual component for a fully holistic process that ideally strengthens faith (otherwise deemed optimism and emotional resiliency) and a desire to contribute back to the community for everyone’s greater good and happiness and we have a complete model.

Support Us

We are actively soliciting donations of money and time from individuals and businesses in our community. If you are able to contribute by providing contacts of potential donors we would be very appreciative (though cannot substitute these funds for program tuition costs).

We are operating under the 501c belonging to Ravenswood Ranch, in accordance with their mission to provide rich supportive opportunities for children to develop their physical and character skills (particularly those who are underprivileged). Donations will go to providing salaries for the mentors, scholarships, and program costs. All donations are tax-deductible.

We held a recital and fundraising show on October 4, 2015.