Great Ways to Keep Your Entire Family Entertained During School Breaks

With summer in full swing, parents are tasked with finding ways to keep their children entertained without the need for screens – and that goes double for homeschool families! Luckily, you have options. Whether you opt for a mini-vacation or a staycation, whether you pursue outdoor activities or indoor fun, there’s no reason your family can’t make great memories together. Today, LearningPlay with Chaia May shares some suggestions for fun, adventurous, and educational activities the whole family can enjoy.

Escape into Nature

While the weather is still nice, you and your family can stay occupied by learning more about nature in your region. Bird watching can be a fun and educational activity to get into, especially as you will be able to stay with it even through the winter months. Plus, birdwatching can be a great opportunity to get out and walk. Find an area with a high walk score so that you and your family can easily walk to different places to seek out hard to find birds.

Geocaching is another option for getting outside, enjoying nature, and staying active. You could also do a nature-based scavenger hunt, looking for items such as feathers, types of leaves, or animal prints. Do be sure you know which plants are toxic and be aware of how to recognize and avoid poison ivy.

Even doing something as simple as spending time together outside in the backyard is a great way to enjoy nature together. Whether you’re playing a game or tending to the garden, it still amounts to quality time outdoors. This is an especially good option for parents who work from home and who are looking to prioritize time with their children.

Take Some Time for Music Appreciation

Getting your family listening to music of all genres can be a wonderful enriching experience. Music appreciation can open doors to increased interest in and understanding of history, culture, and story. Plus, listening to music can be a genuine mood-booster.

You can use music studies to complement other areas of study for your children, as well as use it to improve literacy, since choral reading is demonstrated to aid in reading skills, especially between the first and the fifth grades.

Music can also be a great motivator during the day. So if you’re tired and working from home, gather the kids together for a dance party or throw some music on while you do a few household chores together. Soon, you’ll be spending quality time together, getting stuff done, and having a great time doing both!

Research Local Historical Sites

You may not even be aware of how many sites of historical interest are located within an easy distance of your home. A quick online search should provide you with an array of options to check out. You can also contact your area visitor’s bureau or state government website to see what fun and educational destinations are near you. From historic homes to battlegrounds to sites of important events in national or local history, there is sure to be something to keep your family engaged and informed, without needing to travel far.

Practice Self-Care

If you opt for a staycation, this might be a great time for everyone to engage in a little self-care. Whether that’s relaxing in the background or lounging in a new comfortable and functional wardrobe, perhaps everyone could use some simple indulgences.

Take a Daycation

If you’re trying to save money, you can still probably fit in some mini-vacations to lakes, outdoor events, or parks where you can set up a gourmet picnic. Or see if any area farms have a visitor option. If your getaway involves a little extra car time, this is another opportunity to keep them engaged with music. If they all have differing music tastes, set them up with devices for listening, as well as reliable headphones. This will also allow them to play games or watch movies as you drive.

Longer Vacation Options

If it’s been too long since you last took a real vacation together, arranging a getaway can be great for your family’s mental wellness. Some fun possibilities include hiking in the mountains, staying in a beach or lake cottage, or finding a resort that provides plenty of seasonal activities. Theme parks are another great option, but be sure to build in downtime since this type of trip requires long days at the park.

Get Creative and Enjoy Family Time

The challenge of keeping kids entertained during long school breaks can seem daunting, but it’s not impossible. There are plenty of fun and creative ways to keep your children occupied and learning even when they’re out of school.

LearningPlay with Chaia May is here to help children experience the joy of learning, especially in regards to music! Reach out today if you have any questions.

Image via Unsplash