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Let’s Cachoo It! – A Book About Reframing Negative Thoughts

cover-cachooWhen children are struggling with anything, particularly an instrument, they forget that learning can be fun. They need to be reminded that they are “playing,” not “working” an instrument! A CaChoo is a fun symbol of accomplishment, no more than a line drawn by a child on a page* with a flourish. We exuberantly exclaim “CaChoo!” in order to inspire him or her to practice and to “do it again” until the material is mastered. Mastery can be an abstract concept but the “CaChoo method” makes it concrete: the children know they have to “get” it on their own and eventually play it with no mistakes.

“Beep Beep” Music that Moves for Ages 3-5

How better to get children’s attention than with the sound of a train, car or another vehicle? Tying these familiar images and sounds to musical notations connects children to musical language in a lively way.

Learning the meanings of the notations and linking them to cars, trucks and trains helps with recall. This way, the children can recognize the musical symbols after only one reading by associating each one with the colorful, beloved objects. Their learning is further reinforced when they color each object left blank.

The Bravest Little Maccabee

This book is based on a true story of the life and death of Maccabee, a family’s beloved dog. We hope it will help families deal not only with the loss of a cherished pet but also facilitate discussions that enable young children to cope with the death of anyone they love.

Readers have said that the story helped them prepare in anticipation of losing their pet by using the phrasing to explain to a young child that someone they love has passed away. I hope that this tale will also give parents courage to share their own feelings openly and create sacred moments around the rituals of loss. These moments may be the ones that the family will cherish most when they look back.

Judaic Themes (Books, CD’s and DVD’s)

The Bravest Little Maccabee — $16
Created with the Children at the Palo Alto JCC, a Chanukah story and guide for children to cope with the loss of a pet

Old MacCohen Had Shabbat — $16
A Silly Story in Song about Shabbat and Manners

How the Challah Got It’s Cover — $16
Story and CD recorded at the Oshman JCC

Keppe Celebrates Shabbat
Book and Finger Puppet Shabbat Story

Hands On Holidays Series

Volume 1: A Holiday Reference Guide for Teachers and Parents — $25

Volume 2: A Jewish Reference Guide for Shabbat with Hands on Activities — $15

Volume 3: High Holidays Guide for Children 2-4 — $15
Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Teaching Services for Teachers and Parents with Hands on Activities for Children and their Families

Volume 4: A Machzor for Little Machers Ages 5-7 — $15
Teaching Services for the Days of Awe for Grades K-2

Volume 5: A Young Family Education Holiday Cycle Program with Hands on Activities for Young Children — $25

Stories and Collections of Stories for Children:

Windows Into Our Soul: Stories for the Holidays or Anytime about Jewish Values and Ethics — $15

Passover Haggadah for Families with Young Children — $15
An original compilation of themes that embraces traditional and modern perspectives

Songleading/Kumsitz Materials

Jewish Holiday Song Lyrics — $15

Illustrated Laminated Cards with Hebrew Songs/Transliterations — $25

Prayer Books for Children

Let’s Celebrate of A New Day: A Shacharit Siddur — $16
Jewish Morning Prayers and Original Poems for the Very Young.

Teacher’s Guide to Let’s Celebrate a New Day — $16

Let’s Celebrate Shabbat: A Shabbat Siddur for Young Children — $25

Accompanying CDs for children:

It’s Shabbat Today! — $15

Torah for Tots: Shabbat Morning Prayers for Young Children — $10

Torah for Tots: A Shabbat DVD of Music and Movement for Children Ages 2-5 — $15

Programs for Jewish Women

Series of 3 Booklets and CD’s of beautiful Jewish Spiritual Music to Movement to Prayer for Women:

Stretching to the Shacharit — $15

Moving to the Maariv — $15

The Amidah $15

Pre-K Curriculum

Math and Geometry for Pre-Schoolers

Imagine It! A Fun Introduction to Shapes — $16
(Ages 3-5)

Imagine It! A Fun Introduction to Three Dimensional Shapes — $16
(Ages 2-5)

Explore It! Is it a Triangle, If….. — $16
(Ages 3-7)
Teaches children about the theory behind the shapes

Social-Emotional Growth Themes

The Fisherman Who Caught a Smile — $15
A Musical Fable for Children: CD and Coloring Book
also includes: A Froggy Day, Original Songs by Chaia May

Let’s Cachoo It!
A Book About Reframing Negative Thoughts
— $16
Technique for learning tenacity as applied to Piano lessons

Amalia and the Monster Princess — $24
A Silly Story about Manners

Music Curriculum

M&M system for teaching note reading to play on the xylophone — $15
Colored placemat, spaghetti, M&M’s and Classical Music Motifs

A Box of Crayons — $16
A Coloring Song-Book and recording

Music Education Stories

Presto and the Treble Clef Kingdom — $5

Trouble in the Treble Kingdom: Why the King and Queen fought over Middle C — $5

Parent  Support for Piano Practice — $5

“Songs in Spanish” Booklet — $5

“Multi-Cultural, Musical Theatre and Silly Songs for Elementary School Children” — $5

“Beep Beep” Music that Moves for Ages 3-5 — $5

The Classical Music Institoot! Presents

Special Package — $40
3 CD’s, T-shirt, Whistle, Classical Music Motifs for Children and Willy the Walker Pre-Reader “Learn to Read Notes” The Kirk Method for teaching Rhythm Patterns Curriculum

Educationally Related Toys

Lento the Turtle — $20
Large Cuddly Turtle representing the concept of “slow” in Music

Honeybee Mechanical Flip Toy — $15
Great for strengthening grip and introduces song “Honeybee” for Piano and Violin Instructional Suzuki Method

Hand Crocheted Beanies — $15
For fundraising purposes: Help Send a Special Needs Child to Summer Camp/Iron Into Steel Mentor Program: Building Resiliency in Youth

Metronomes — $10

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