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“Dear Chaia, Thank you for being such an inspiring and cheerful teacher to Eric. His love and appreciation for music has been cultivated by your love and passion. We really appreciate your time and effort, and wish you a wonderful summer ahead.
— Fan

“Dear Chaia, You’re wonderful – Thank you so much for inspiring Joy to pursue piano on her own!”

— Wanda

“Music is similar to faith, as it comes in many varieties and means something different to each person and serves a unique purpose to its listeners. To be a teacher of music one must be somewhat of a spiritual guide for the student. Chaia May, or more personally referred to as Teacher Chaia, possesses a unique and tailored approach as she enlightens children with the beauty of music and subsequently becomes their musical guide. She takes them on a journey as she introduces music from multiple genres and encourages children to listen for specific instruments and has those instruments available for hands on exploration. This approach was what captivated my boys, ages 2 & 4. She further made the introduction to learning to read music an interactive physical game which allowed them to get up and move around while saying out loud what notes they were standing on. She has altered her approach with my 7-year-old daughter and appropriately challenges her in her teaching of piano. Chaia is a stickler for proper posture and form, and I see my daughter “checking” herself each time she sits down at the piano. This very simple task allows my daughter to become centered and mentally and physically ready herself for practice or her lesson.

Chaia understands that children learn in a variety of ways. She teaches her students consistently addressing all learning styles, auditory, visually and tactically, promoting the absorption of material from many ways. I feel so fortunate that my family has found Teacher Chaia and that she has become a reliable and faithful musical guide for my children as they blaze their own trail through the beauty of music.”

In faith,
— Jessica Wolfe

“Chaia is a gifted teacher who brings a tremendous amount of warmth and wisdom to her classes. She provides a rich, stimulating and engaging music program to the children, and also offers parents information about their children’s experience that helps in their development.”
— Karen Friedland-Brown, MA
Parent Education Coordinator, Parents Place, Palo Alto, CA

“Chaia is a wonderful addition to the enrichment of our program. She gets the children moving while they are learning, opposites, patterns and the use of tones of voices. Our children love to sing and dance with Chaia she brings her guitar and usually other items like rhythm sticks, scarves, mini drums, etc. She recently did a puppet story that had children and adults engaged. We love Chaia!
— Kim Donaldson, Assistant Director, The Children’s Pre-School Center

Teacher Training (Secular)

“I wish to thank you for your excellent presentation to my class of preschool teachers. Many complimentary remarks were made by the students. You kept the entire class engaged and energized. Past presentation from other teaching artists have usually provided a narrow view of the large realm of music and movement. I was very pleased at the flowing mixture of music, song, vocalization, movement and drama you used. The multicultural emphasis was excellent as it mirrors the focus of DeAnza College with its diverse student population. Your enthusiasm and energy was wonderful to see. You have such a diversity of talents that your are pleased with. Thank you again. I hope you can share with us in the future.”
— Sandi Kovach-Long, Instructor, Early Childhood Education Teacher, DeAnza College, Cupertino, CA

“Every single person raved and made very positive comments about how much fun your presentation was. It was really terrific!”
— Donna Weir, Music for Minors, Docent Training Program for Schools

“Thank you for your participation in the Fifth Annual School-Age Child Care Conference. Your expertise was an important part of our conference. Those who attended responded very favorably to your session.”
— Jennifer Bruckner, Coordinator, Regional Office of Child Care

“The objectives for the workshop were very clear, and the material was comfortably paced and presented in a way that was easy to follow. What I learned was very useful in my work.”

Educational Media (Secular)

I’ve been listening to you all day. My kids won’t play anything else!
— Arlinda Smith, Palo Alto, CA

I really, really, really, like you’re your music.
— Katie Lee Adair, Age 6

Performance (Secular – for children)

“The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They were treated with sensitivity and respect. The teaching of the songs of peace was paced perfectly. The children of all ages were engrossed. To see my daughter singing songs of peace was deeply inspiring.”
— Cindy Harris, Schoolteacher and mother of 2

“Chaia May’s program was fun for all! She established great rapport with an audience that ranged from babies and toddlers, up to elementary school-age children and adults.”
— Pat Langi, Menlo Park Library

“Chaia’s program was a delight for all. Her sense of fun and easygoing style had everyone singing along to traditional favorites and original tunes. She established great rapport with an audience that ranged from toddlers to elementary school students and adults. Chaia’s lovely voice put a smile one everyone’s face. Thanks you Chaia!”
— Dee Ellman, Menlo Park Library

“Thanks a bunch for a great kick-off for our Summer Reading Program! We all enjoyed the zany, upbeat songs your shared. Anything that helps keep the children’s attention by participation really captures their imagination and spirit, and your songs certainly did that! Your warmth and sincerity towards children shines through in your performance.”
— Roberta Bowman, Calabazas Branch Library, San Jose, CA

“Chaia’s warmhearted, energetic approach brings out the best in all children, engaging even the most highly spirited, while empowering and awakening their imagination, feelings and sense of self worth.”
— Dionne Janice Clabaugh, Director, Teacher Training Program at Pacific Oaks Collage

“What magic you weave with your beautiful singing voice, the fabulous guitar and your creative up-beat manner. Your are truly a master entertainer and educator.”
— Judy Gregory, Peter and the Wolf Music Docent in the Schools

“We could not have asked for a better pre-school performer to kick off our summer! Your music was delightful and your experience with keeping crowds of children entertained was very obvious.We love entertainers who can show such audience rapport and fill a room with music at the same time. It’s a real gift!”
— Susan A. Jones, Children’s Services, Pleasanton Library

“Chaia has the ability to gain children’s trust and participation.”
— Mother, Children’s Discovery Museum, San Jose, CA, Program Evaluation

“I appreciate the cooperative, professional attitude you had. It made Jim’s and my job much easier.”
— Holly Murray, Amnesty International

Performance (Jewish – for children)

“In her Torah for Tots program Chaia has shown creativity, ingenuity and devotion. Chaia has created a program that holds not only our youngsters interest but that of their parents as well. She has much to share in this rather new programming being adopted by increasing numbers of congregations.”
— Fred Nathan, Education Director, Congregation Kol Emeth, Palo Alto, CA

“You’ve done a fabulous job with the Junior Choir this year. Their production of “Joseph” not to mention their stellar performance at the Shavuot festival. It’s clear how much time and effort your put in with them. On behalf of the congregation, I would like to thank your for all the work you’ve done this year. I hope that we’ll work together in the future. Thank you so much.”
— Rabbi David B. Cohen, Congregation Beth Am, Los Altos, CA

Jewish Programs

“Chaia’s Stretching to Shacharit workshop puts me in the right space for being open to the Shabbat experience. We use movement to extend the idea of personal expression in prayerThis class is a creative experience of prayer that.”
— Susan Desmond, Stretching to Shacharit workshop participant

“Chaia has done a spectacular job as the head of our Mommy, Daddy and Me program. Through a combination of storytelling, arts and crafts, and music, the holidays are concretized for the participants in a very meaningful ways. The program is always very well attended and extremely well received. Chaia has the extraordinary ability to relate well to both children and their parents. The program is always very well attended and extremely well received.”
— Rabbi H. David Teitelbaum, Temple Beth Jacob, Redwood City, CA

“Participants in your Torah in Song and Story workshop thoroughly enjoyed your lovely voice, and the charm with which you delivered your melodic messages. We were delighted to add your special talents and perspectives to our list of offerings.”
— Eleanor Weber Dickman, Torah Education Day Coordinator, Congregation Beth David, Saratoga, CA

Teacher Training (Jewish)

“You should be very proud. You were fantastic! You kept these teachers engaged for three hours after they had taught an entire day, We hope to have you back next year and invite the teacher from the neighboring Jewish pre-schools.”
— Debbie Leaf, Preschool Director, Temple Beth Hillel Preschool

“Thank you for your ideas. I was able to use your songs and warm-up activities not only at music time but for transitions between activities. They really helped me during the challenging times of the day.”
— Laurel Wolf, Preschool teacher, Temple Beth Hillel Preschool

I was truly inspired by your workshop at BAJE. Thank you for sharing your useful “secrets”. I can’t wait to use them in the classroom.
— Kate Speizer, Early Childhood Jewish Education Teacher, Monte Sereno, CA

“Well organized presentation, full of relevant ideas. Chaia is so enthusiastic and so eager to pass her ideas on to us. I learned more new songs for Shabbat and other holidays. I learned lots of great ideas to share. Chaia has a nice way about her that makes everyone feel good.
— BAJE Teacher Workshop Participant