Music Lesson Tools & Accessories

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Young musician piano pedal extension

Little ones can reach the pedals. It attaches to the damper pedal on your piano to allow small children to be able to reach the pedal. It is adjustable for height and your regular pedal can still be used with it attached.



A professional mini professional metronome. Multi-functional, lightweight & portable, easy to use. Tap function enables you to test your ideal tempo or tempo of a track. Stereo earphone jack is available. Clip and lanyard hole designed, easy to carry and easy to fix.


    • Tempo: 30 to 280bpm-
    • Beat Value: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
    • Accuracy: ±0.001
    • Power Supply: 1 x 3V Cell Battery (Included)

Metronome w/Tuner

An ideal electronic tuner. Small and compact design, you can bring it anywhere to use


    • Tuning range: A0(27.5Hz)–C8(4186Hz)
    • Tuning mode: Automatic tuning
    • A4 calibration: 430-450Hz
    • Tempo : 30-230bmp
    • Power: 2 x AAA(3V) battery

Help Hands/Fingers

Locate the keys and their notes. When you are stuck with the note on the sheet music, this will help you find it.

Fits all 88 key pianos from F2 to C7

Roll-Up Travel Piano


    • Small and can be hand-carried, it can also be rolled up for easy storage in hand bag or carrying case
    • Can select for students, preprimary children, Piano practitioners etc.
    • Smart steel grey and champagne console
    • Fully functional rubber keyboard
    • Great fun for all the family
    • Headphone and speaker jack on console


    • Keyboard model: 61key(standard piano key 5 Octave +1 key)
    • Tone:128
    • Rhythm:100
    • Demonstration songs:40
    • Rated voltage: DC 6V(Battery AA 1.5V X 4PCS) (Don’t with the battery)
    • Output:500MW
    • Size of 61key:mainbody:9.6(l) x 22.8(w) x 3.3(D)CM
    • keyboard:88(L)x17.4(w) x 0.5(d)cm

Package includes:

    • 1 x 61 Keys Roll-Up Soft Keyboard Piano
    • 1 x AC Adapter
    • 1 x English Manual

CaChoo Book

A CaChoo, is a line drawn by a child across a page with a flourish and the exclamation “CaChoo!” in order to inspire him or her to practice and to “do it again” until the material is mastered.

Mastery can be an abstract concept but the “CaChoo method” makes it concrete: the children know they have to “get” it on their own and play it with no mistakes.The beauty of a CaChoo is that it is so simple. It comes from the child, with only the go-ahead from the teacher and allows for open-ended creativity on the child’s part to make it truly his or her own.I use CaChoos for teaching music but they apply to any subject! The CaChoos are small enough so that they allow the children to still be able to read the material on the page while leaving a proud track of their achievements.

I have been utterly delighted at what imaginative variations children have come up with and how they have owned it so easily. What is more satisfying than crossing off an item on your list? Here we do it with flair! Not to mention pride, joy, and applause. CaChooing has helped the children
replace their self-doubt with confidence and push them beyond just “getting by” with a willingness to polish their work as if they and it were a diamond!

No longer do we have to explain what mastery is. We just do it and CaChoo It!

Amalia Book

Princess Amalia, just once, would like to have a day of no manners. Lucky for her, she lives in a village with two castles. Amalia lives in one of the castles with her proper royal family and there is another castle across the village valley where the monster royal family lives. At the other castle, the Monster King and Queen have a daughter Cornelia who is the same age as Amalia, and they live quite ‘differently’ in their castle.

“Amalia and the MonsTer Princess” is a short (slightly over 1700 words) illustrated, sweet story about the lives of two young girls who have a chance to see how the ‘Other Half’ lives. The two girls share their experiences and learn about each other’s environments in a very delightful way. It subtly passes on to the reader, in a humorous way, the need for some manners and yet the misuse or misunderstandings of other things also can make things much more fun.

Xylophone (Glockenspiel) – 8 note

This unique bell set is great for young children in that the letter names or indicated on each of the individually, brightly colored bars. All corners are rounded for safety. Accurately pitched with a diatonic range from C2 to C3, this package also includes a set of mallets. Ages 3+. Add the Learning music with Spaghetti and M&Ms to add to the fun!

Learning music with Spaghetti and M&Ms

A unique way to encourage music! We provide the spaghetti, linguini and M&Ms along with a few songs to layout on your edible sheet music (pasta for the staff lines and bars, M&Ms to place the notes on the scale. When they can play the song on the Xylophone (Glockenspiel) or your piano. Keep the beat and hit the right notes and reward yourself.

Presto (Fast) the Bee – Fun Flip Toy Kit

‘Presto the Bee’ kit is a fun family project that turns into a toy for your child and the young at heart. The kit comes with all the parts. First task is to find your paints and paint the bee’s parts any way you like. Then, using the rest of the supplied parts, put together the “Fast Bee.”

Presto (Fast) the Bee – Hand Puppet

Use this hand puppet to teach the fact that there is music that is plated at a fast rate or beat (Presto). As Presto is Fast, so goes the fun of learning up-beat music. Fits small adult and children’s hands.

Lento (Slow) the Turtle

Gentle soft stuffed sea turtle. Two sizes available. Large ( 15.75″); Small (5.5″)


Chocolate Music Notes – Lollipops

Hand molded Chocolate Music Note available in Milk or Dark Chocolate. 3 3/4 inches.

Shape & Flavor

Willie the Walker

The Kirk method of teaching rhythms is unique in its approach. It is a foundation that children understand as it uses walking, a natural rhythmic function of everyday life. This wonderful book also uses easily identifiable characters associated with various rhythm patterns, thereby enabling the young student to learn the all-important rhythms much more quickly and easily.