Frequently Asked Questions

Music Lessons

How do I enroll my child in LearningPlay with Chaia May?
    • Contact Chaia for an appointment, and suggest two convenient meeting times to talk with her about her approach.
    • Schedule an appointment time to observe a learning activity, allowing time afterwards for questions. Potential students are welcome to observe a class, or sign up for a trial lesson. Please contact Chaia to schedule this.
    • Fill out an application
    • Send in the session fee
Are make-up sessions available for missed lessons?

Make-ups are scheduled on an availability basis. And all effort is made to fill the spot so the person does not get charged. If the cancellations are less than 48 hours before the scheduled lesson time, the family is billed for the spot that was held for them.

If there are no available spots, can my child be added to a waiting list?

Chaia has a waiting list but always keeps people posted on a regular basis as to when an opening appears. Summer is a separate session and anyone can sign up for classes for just the weeks they will be in town. Otherwise, once an agreement has been reached about a regular time during the school year, the child is expected to commit to a session which typically is a semester, from August to December and January to late May/June.

Does the music program include recitals?

Chaia has multiple recitals during the year. Often there are practice recitals so children can prepare for the final recital and be comfortable as both a performer and an audience member.

Are students accepted with different learning abilities or special needs?

Chaia especially welcomes children who learn differently into her studio and other programs. She tries to find the particular teaching tools that match the child’s learning style. She draws from her experience in special needs, sensory integration, multiple intelligences and more. She starts with children on the piano or preparation for piano as early as 2 and as elderly as 100!

How do I choose a guitar?

Chaia will help you and guide you through it! When you purchase an instrument for your child, you are providing a special gift of love and music. Choose carefully. You can find several websites that will give you good advice on choosing a guitar. Read this article for helpful tips.

How do I choose a piano?

Chaia will help you! Contact her and she will guide you in choosing a keyboard or used piano.

What advice can you give me about encouraging children to practice the piano?

It takes more than good intentions to help your child enjoy practicing the piano. Get a multitude of tips from teacher Chaia’s article on Gentle Practice is available here. Contact Chaia for copies.


What are the qualifications of the camp staff?

All of our camp staff are either professional educators or trained in education. They have clear records, have undergone a comprehensive background check, and have been fingerprinted.

What about insurance coverage for campers?

Chaia carries multiple insurance policies that cover camp activities, traveling and activities in people’s homes for lesson, as well as Workers’ Comp insurance for her staff.

Do you offer drop-in attendance for camps?

Camp days can be drop-in or campers can sign up for the whole program or multiple sessions.