School Programs

The Gift of Enrichment

Chaia at a school performanceChaia travels weekly to pre-schools all over the San Francisco Peninsula to adorn children’s school curriculum with music and play. Children look forward to what they call “Chaia Day,” a special enrichment to their school curriculum.

Chaia brings joy and silliness to children, all the while managing to transmit the fundamental music skills needed not only to play instruments but further develop music and cooperation skills. Children can also accelerate understanding, increase memory, amplify attention, and then carry over these skills to other curriculum areas. Chaia is one of the few music educators utilizing a music notation system that enables children as young as 1½ to read music.

Just a few objectives children will achieve are:

  • Finding the pleasure in learning all kinds of music including accessible classical music
  • Working cooperatively with props to create music and movement pieces
  • Experiencing a sense of accomplishment

“We are lucky to have Chaia at CSMA! I observed the “classical Magic” class. The families love Chaia — she has so many ideas and uses materials well with lots of variety. Chaia always has a loving approach. Children are engaged. She sits with the children and songs to them with a smile. Chaia is a remarkable teacher, full of great ideas. When working in the folksinger, classical and preschool repertoire she is always creating interesting ways to present the materials. No question, chaia is a seasoned teacher.” — Dawn Walker, Pre-school Music Director, Community School of Music and Arts


The combination of humor and the way Chaia helps children process feelings through songs and stories makes Chaia’s music time special. Chaia also introduces children to instrument exploration, including percussion instruments from around the world, xylophones, drums, rhythm sticks, scarves, movement, skill-building games, parachutes, scrunchies, puppets, and, of course, her guitar.

Teaching schedule

  • Chaia at a pre-school performanceChaia is available to lead classes daily, from 9:00 – 2:00, Monday through Friday.
  • To schedule a program or to ask questions about pricing and availability, please send an email or call Chaia directly.


  • Chaia currently teaches 20- to 45- minute classes weekly or bi-monthly. Schools either pay Chaia directly or have parents pay a minimal amount per class for a 10-week session.


References are available from the following programs

  • Children’s Pre-School Center – Palo Alto
  • Heffalump Pre-School – Palo Alto
  • PACCC (Palo Alto Community Child Care Programs)
    – NITC: Neighborhood Infant Toddler Center

Past Programs

  • Windmill Pre-School of Portola Valley
  • Spanish/Bilingual Day Care Programs
  • Abilities United Special Needs Program – Palo Alto (classes in Spanish and English)
  • Addison-Penzak Jewish Community Center of San Jose
  • Peninsula Jewish Community Center Music Enrichment Class
  • Day Care Programs
  • Dina Saari’s Day Care Program – Palo Alto