Amalia Book


Princess Amalia, just once, would like to have a day of no manners. Lucky for her, she lives in a village with two castles. Amalia lives in one of the castles with her proper royal family and there is another castle across the village valley where the monster royal family lives. At the other castle, the Monster King and Queen have a daughter Cornelia who is the same age as Amalia, and they live quite ‘differently’ in their castle.

“Amalia and the MonsTer Princess” is a short (slightly over 1700 words) illustrated, sweet story about the lives of two young girls who have a chance to see how the ‘Other Half’ lives. The two girls share their experiences and learn about each other’s environments in a very delightful way. It subtly passes on to the reader, in a humorous way, the need for some manners and yet the misuse or misunderstandings of other things also can make things much more fun.


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