CaChoo Book


A CaChoo, is a line drawn by a child across a page with a flourish and the exclamation “CaChoo!” in order to inspire him or her to practice and to “do it again” until the material is mastered.

Mastery can be an abstract concept but the “CaChoo method” makes it concrete: the children know they have to “get” it on their own and play it with no mistakes.The beauty of a CaChoo is that it is so simple. It comes from the child, with only the go-ahead from the teacher and allows for open-ended creativity on the child’s part to make it truly his or her own.I use CaChoos for teaching music but they apply to any subject! The CaChoos are small enough so that they allow the children to still be able to read the material on the page while leaving a proud track of their achievements.

I have been utterly delighted at what imaginative variations children have come up with and how they have owned it so easily. What is more satisfying than crossing off an item on your list? Here we do it with flair! Not to mention pride, joy, and applause. CaChooing has helped the children
replace their self-doubt with confidence and push them beyond just “getting by” with a willingness to polish their work as if they and it were a diamond!

No longer do we have to explain what mastery is. We just do it and CaChoo It!


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