The Bravest Little Maccabee


This book is based on a true story of the life and death of Maccabee, a family’s beloved dog. We hope it will help families deal not only with the loss of a cherished pet but also facilitate discussions that enable young children to cope with the death of anyone they love.

Readers have said that the story helped them prepare in anticipation of losing their pet by using the phrasing to explain to a young child that someone they love has passed away. I hope that this tale will also give parents courage to share their own feelings openly and create sacred moments around the rituals of loss. These moments may be the ones that the family will cherish most when they look back.

All we have is love and time. Love is boundless and limitless, Time, however, is finite. And like the beating of our hearts, we rarely notice it until we lose someone entirely and what we took for granted is gone. Each beat is precious and each moment it punctuates is fleeting. May every moment be a gift for the taking, and enrich the meaning of the word “present.”



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