Va-room Va-room: Music That Moves You


This book is a follow-up to the popular book Beep Beep!, the fun
multi-sensory way for children to learn to read music.

Beep Beep, the little red car, observes and narrates the story, while the sounds
of construction to help catch the children’s attention. Each sound pattern is then associated with a rhythmic notation. Using symbolic language to represent notes, along with hand-movements, will help children properly identify and repeat the
tempos. Also, the story can be extended to other areas of learning. The playground, collaboratively built, teaches cooperation skills. Also, the step-by-step process suggests learning “builds” on learning.

For very young children, you may want to start with the cards in the back of
the book (pages 38 to 41) and build up to reading the story over time. The authors invite you to send in your photos of children reading the story and playing on the playground with the mini construction objects. Your photos will spark other’s motivation and with your permission, can be featured on our YouTube channel. This should further incentivize children to “Make Music That Moves….You”

Dionne and Chaia


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